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Antique Pool Tables

Antique pool tables offer extraordinary durability and playing qualities. They are highly durable compared to modern pool tables. The most important attraction of antique pool tables is its craftsmanship, which adds extra beauty to the game room.

Antique pool tables with heavy inlay of satinwood, three piece slate, six legs, remarkable 8 feet, 9 feet and 10 feet size and finest space allows excellent playability. Antique pool tables with multiple beams along the sides provide a simple look. These tables can be furnished with custom changeable rail set. Extensive inlay pattern uses seven different types of wood.

There are antique pool tables with sliding cabinet drawer to hold cues and balls. Oak wood surroundings with exceptional design give an excellent look. Some of the antique pool tables are constructed with satinwood, ebony and other fine woods. There are antique pool tables with Victorian design features with a remarkable light oak finish. Decorative moldings are used as accents on cabinet panels. Ivory and diamonds are used as sights in rails. Antique pool tables made with rosewood, mahogany and other wood finishes are also available.

Pool table prices fluctuate between $600 and $10,000. Some antique pool tables cost as much as $15,000 or even more. Supply of antique pool tables is low compared to other pool tables.

You can buy antique pool tables directly from the shops or can order online.

Sometimes a new table is about two-thirds the cost of an antique pool table.

Antique pool tables have a strong body and solid legs. The cabinet and legs of many pool tables are made of solid hardwood such as oak, maple, or walnut but some have particleboard construction with veneers or laminates.

Antique pool tables can be reproduced with new marquetry and veneers. But its dependability and collectible value is questionable. A lot of antique pool tables have remanufactured parts. Most of them are restored to original condition. People demand pool tables with minimum restoration. Antique pool tables are now highly in demand.

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