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Bumper Pool Tables

Bumper Pool Tables are used for playing bumper pool, a daily entertainment game played by two to four players. These tables are half the size of a standard pool table and they are rectangular or octagonal in shape.

A bumper pool table has only two pockets or holes where as a standard pool table holds around six holes. The table has 12 bumpers on the table and hence the name. Four of them are situated near the pocket with two each, at the extreme end of the table. The remaining eight bumpers are situated around the middle portion of the table. The bumpers act as a defense mechanism for the player while the opponent tries to bank the ball into the pocket. Bumper pool table has five balls, red and white, for each player,

Bumper Pool Tables are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 48 inches to 54 inches, the most commonly available size is 54 inches by 30 inches. These tables are often made from a combination of solids and veneers, or from fine hardwood. The top playing surface is often covered with green felt fabric over a wood or slate base. Most bumper pool tables have elegantly carved legs, aprons and base.

The bumper pool table serves as a great substitute for a billiard table and can be accommodated even in limited space. They are available as multi-functional bumper pool tables that can be converted into a dining table or card table. The tables come along with balls, brush, chalk and two cues.

Today, the toughest and the most durable bumper pool tables are made by Game Craft. Some tables have leg levelers which enables the player to adjust the height from 26 to 30 inches. Imperial Non-Slate Bumper Pool Table is considered as the most inexpensive one. You may have to pay at least $500 for a good quality versatile bumper pool table and for a multi-purpose table the price can go up to $2500.

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