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Choose The Perfect Table Tennis Table

Choosing the right table tennis table is not difficult, and your choice will depend upon the space available, your budget and your needs. At approximately 9 ft by 5 ft. you may need a fairly substantial space for you're a table unless you choose a folding model. Tables can be found in a variety of price ranges, surfaces, and even styles. We've compiled several key tips that can help you choose a table tennis table that will serve you well for years to come.

Quality is key. While a one inch tabletop is competition standard, thinner tops are common on less expensive tables. A three-quarter inch tabletop may be a comfortable thickness for recreational play, but splurging on a competition standard table may be a smart move if you do play competitively. If you are playing just for fun, or buying for the kids, the inexpensive plywood type table top may be adequate for your needs.

Look for stable and sturdy legs. Keep in mind, especially if buying a table that will be used by the whole family that it may need to hold up to rough and tumble kids. Spending less may be a good choice for a beginner, or for a family rec room. You can always upgrade to a nicer, higher quality table in the future if anyone falls in love with the game.

Folding table tennis tables are a popular choice. Look for one that folds easily and can be set up and maneuvered by one person. Smoothly rolling wheels and brakes are critical for one that folds. A folding table may allow you to have a table tennis table even if you do not have the space to have one up full time. Do keep in mind that you will need space to store the table; however, this fun family activity is well worth the space involved.

A table tennis table offers a great chance for exercise, fun and a great game. Whether you need an inexpensive table for the kids to play on or if you play competitively and need a practice table in your basement or garage, you can find the right table tennis table for your needs. Look for stability, quality, and a nice, smooth, unblemished table surface.

Ryan Landow is a product manager at Ping Pong Central. There you'll find a wide selection of ping pong tables and information about tables such as ping pong table dimensions.

Source: www.articledashboard.com