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Coffee-Cup Basketball

One can never have too many rainy day games to keep children amused. Here is one that is plenty of fun and is simple and inexpensive to boot. You will have to buy at least one ping pong ball if you do not have one handy, and you will also need a coffee cup. Plus some hard surface - say a linoleum kitchen floor or a hard wooden table or desktop.

The rules of coffee cup basketball are simple - the player has to bounce the ping pong ball once (just once) and then get it in the cup. The players alternate, taking turns from different sides of the cup.

Set a number of baskets needed for a win, and a minimum distance away from the cup for the bounce. One way to do that is to put the coffee cup in the middle of a large plate or platter and declare that the bounce has to happen beyond the plate for a basket to count.

As a variation that makes the game a bit more intense, call a win (say) ten baskets but add one more try each time the ball switches hands. So if two are playing, the first player gets one try, then the second player takes two tries, then the ping pong ball goes back to the first player who can make three attempts, then the second player takes four shots, etc. First one to accumulate a total of ten baskets wins.

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Source: www.a1articles.com