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Commercial Pool Tables

Pool table is the central part of a pool game. Commercial pool tables are one among the different types of pool tables. It is the best pool table for those whishing to play a quality game.

Commercial pool tables are slightly larger in size. Commercial pool tables are 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. To meet individual demand, customized commercial pool tables are also available. Usually commercial pool tables are used by professional players.

A pool table includes a body, a bed, side cushions, a felt-covered surface, and pockets. The body of the commercial pool tables is made using solid hardwood such as oak, maple, and walnut. The bed of a commercial pool table is made of three pieces of slate, each with a thickness of one or one and half inches. This ensures a perfect playing surface for professional players. Monarch and Italian slates are widely used for making beds in commercial pool tables. To enhance anti-friction coating, all pool tables are covered with felt or billiard cloth. In commercial pool tables, wool or wool blend fabrics are most commonly used. The tables are surrounded by solid low rails, approximately 4 to 6 inches wide.

Commercial pool tables are available in different models ranging from traditional to conventional. Commercial pool tables can be used for indoor and outdoor tournaments and entertainments. Commercial pool tables meant for outdoor use come with metal frames, to protect the tables from bad weather. Commercial pool tables also come with different warranties. Some are complemented with cues, set of pool balls and scoreboard.

Commercial pool tables can be purchased from any of the leading outlets, dealers, online stores, or manufactures. Valley is one of the leading manufacturers of quality commercial pool tables in America. Commercial pool tables are available in different price levels, based on craftsmanship and quality. A quality commercial pool table will cost around $4,000.

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