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Convertible Coffee Table

A convertible coffee table is an asset to any home, particularly in a home where you might be short of space. A convertible table is an item with a variety of uses but which is still attractive to look at.

If you want to know what a convertible table is, one example would be a coffee table with an adjustable height. Convertible tables are especially useful if someone in the house is sick or unable to get to the dining table.

Many convertible tables have a panel on the side that allows the user to move the table top up or down depending on where they are. Such a table is also useful if you have a husband who is glued to the ball game on the television as he can have his meal while sitting watching the game.

Convertible tables come in really handy if you donít have a proper television stand. These tables are usually well made and can stand the weight of a television. Some can be raised sufficiently in height to be used as a buffet table.

If your family likes playing card and board games together then this is another use for the convertible table. If it has leafs that you can draw out to give you more surface space then even better, all the family can join in the game.

Some convertible tables are made from several blocks that can be moved so that the appearance of the table changes; this handy feature also increases the tableís usefulness.

It could be used as a telephone table, holding the phone and directories and there are even convertible tables that can be used for additional seating where necessary. Of course the convertible table can also be used as a coffee table.

If you are short of space however, it helps to have a convertible coffee table that is not only portable but able to serve a number of different functions.

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