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Creating New Ideas With Old Ideas - Introducing The Idea Matrix

Have you ever wondered how the world's great ideas were thought of? They may have been brain-stormed or maybe they popped into somebodies head in the middle of the night.

One way of coming up with an idea is to use what is known as an idea matrix. I got the idea to use this method one day when I had no current projects to work on. I wanted to use some of my many current skills to create something that I had not done before.

The innovation matrix starts with the compilation of a list of topics. The topics can include skills or knowledge you have, ideas, concepts, or anything else. For example I have knowledge and skills in the following topics:

  • guitar playing
  • computer programming
  • computer tuition
  • computer based music production

  • Now I simply draw a table with 5 rows and 5 columns and arrange the list along the horizontal axis and the vertical axis.

    Now I spend some time analyzing each combination of the items that you have knowledge of.

    When I combine programming with guitar playing if gives me the idea to create a computer program to help people to learn music theory.

    Not all combinations will present you with a good idea. In that case, just discard them and then look at the next combination. The longer the list of topics you have, the bigger the idea matrix will be and therefore there will be more potential for great ideas.

    Matt Godfrey is a computer programmer, secondary teacher and musician based in Auckland, New Zealand.
    I have created an idea matrix tool that you can use online http://ideas.globalsupremacy.net here Simply add topics and the matrix will be created for you.

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