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Features of an Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Table tennis is generally considered an indoor sport, but who wants to stay inside when the sun is shining? An outdoor table tennis table should be considered by those who plan to use their table tennis table outside at times or in any other environment different from a mild and dry indoor climate. Furthermore, these outdoor ping pong tables are perfect for light recreational use in the basement or in your garage.

Why buy an outdoor table for ping pong

If you have limited room indoors for a table tennis table, an outdoor table makes a good compromise. The materials used on outdoor table tennis tables are very resistant to all elements of weather including snow (not recommended though). An outdoor table also admits easy storage which is another important point to consider.

Features of an outdoor table tennis table

Table tennis originally began as an indoor game, nevertheless there is really not much difference between an indoor table tennis table and a table for outdoor use. One of the more important features that the table should include is a water proof coating, but for more or serious players, it is probably more important whether the bounce on the outdoor table tennis table is similar to that of a quality indoor table. This feature depends highly on the quality of the table.

Apart from being water proof, the table also needs to include a roll-away feature. You can easily fold up the two halves of these ping pong tables with the help of a chassis and these types of tables have four wheels for easy storage.

Outdoor Table manufacturers

Now, there are several brands of tables out there on the market. Not surprisingly, the Swedish manufacturer of high quality table tennis goods offers a wide range of tables for outdoor use. The Stiga Equinox outdoor table tennis table is an all-weather table for indoor and outdoor play, while the the Quickplay table tennis table showcases a strong and long-lasting aluminum construction which allows you to play both indoors and outdoors. The Quickplay Equator aluminum Outdoor table tennis table is made for playing outdoors and can be easily assembled in a couple of minutes or even less. Apart from the quality tables of Stiga you can also find good outdoor tables from other manufacturers like Joola, Butterfly and Killerspin.


A modern outdoor table tennis table can be used for recreational play as well as for somewhat more professional use. The table can easily be stored when not in use and the materials used today are resistant which grants for many years of use for your family and friends.

We do advise you to browse several categories of table tennis tables in order to learn about the various types as well as brands, Stiga being one of the best on the market.

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