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Free Card Matrix FAQ

Free Card Matrix is a registered corporation in the State of Delaware in the United States of America (USA). It is a Referral Marketing/Direct Recruiting Credit Card business. This means that after you have applied for and have been approved for a Credit Card through them, you can begin earning some money whenever you get others to do the same.

You can earn some money 10 levels down. What this means is that when you get people to apply for and is approved for a card, you will be paid for that. In addition to that when those people get others to do the same you will be paid for that as well and it goes 10 levels deep.

As with all business, there will be questions that will be asked and those questions will need to be answered for the overall benefit of the customers and the business. Free Card Matrix is no exception, so let us deal with some of those questions at this point.

How can I apply for Free Card Matrix? You can apply for Free Card Matrix by filling up the form that is located on the web site. Can anyone apply for Free Card Matrix? People who are living in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom (UK) and the Netherlands may apply. When will I know if I am approved for a Credit Card? You can know if your application is approved is as little as 1 minute and after you have been approved, the card will arrive at your home in about 5-14 days.

How many categories of cards are there? There are ten (10) categories of card presently. There are 4 Prime Cards for persons who have an excellent credit history. There is 1 Sub-Prime Card for persons whose credit history is poor. There are 2 Collage Student Cards, There are 2 Business Cards and There is 1 Pre-Paid Card

You will be paid 45 days after the close of the month that you have recruited other customers. You will be paid by Electronic Money Order (EMO), Pay Pal, Checks (USA) and Postal Money Order when your account has reached $50:00 or more.

You can apply for more than one card. Free Card Matrix does not issue the card. The bank/company that the corporation is affiliated with will issue the card (s) and it is these banks/company that approved the application.

To learn everything you wanted to know about Free Card Matrix visit: www.FreeCardMatrixReview.com

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