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How Not to Blog and Ping

You may have heard about the blog and ping technique that some of the guruís are proclaiming will skyrocket your traffic into the stratosphere. Did you realize that you are contributing to spam and slowly killing your own site and giving yourself a bad name? If you are or are just curious then read on.

There are a few software programs about that are basically promoting or at least encouraging blog and ping spam. If you are new to blog pinging then you can brush up on blog ping.

The blog and ping process that I personally dislike, not to be confused with a blog ping, is where software is used to spam ping services. We all know spam is bad. The manual process they use goes like this.

  • You set up a free blog account.
  • Add the free blog RSS feed to your My Yahoo page.
  • You post to your blog every 15 minutes for several days.
  • You then ping blogging services to let them known about your Splog.
Now this process encourages spam blogs or splogs and saturates the blog services that allow pings. The idea being that this creates traffic.

Now rather than promoting blog and ping services and making a few bucks in commission I am going to let you know about some free software that you can use to complement your blogging and generate some traffic the right way.


Pong is a free desktop ping application that notifies blog tracking web services about updated blogs and feeds. There I copied that directly from the Pong site as I could not say it any better.

Pong allows you to ping the blog indexing services once you have made a new post on your blog. Itís a real timesaver and because itís desktop based you can use it along with your web based or desktop based blogging software.

Allan is the webmaster at blogging resources at Blogtonomy, where you can find out all about blogging.

Source: www.articlecity.com