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Losers Table

You're at a major tourney and get knocked out early, but because you traveled with friends who are still in the tourney, you have to wait for them. What are ya gonna do? Visit the bar and join the "losers" table. I've seen people win more "prizes" at the losers table then I've won at the main tourney. I've stuck with the main tourney for 4+ hours and come out with a deck of cards and a WTP poker chip. Yet the loser table crowd plays for a couple of hours and come out with much better "prizes."

Do you know what the side table (aka the Losers' table) is for? The owners want you to buy beer and food from their establishment. Our local tourney has two tourneys a night twice a week. The people who get knocked out early usually start a side game with "under the table prizes," but half the time don't have time to finish the game before the next real game starts. So why not do what I do? Get a game of "Go Fish," "Crazy 8's," "Spades" or "Hearts" going. Take a break from Texas Hold'em and play like you're a kid again. Geez, if you're playing poker for up to 7 hours, take a break if you get knocked out early and play something that doesn't stress you out for a few minutes, have a beer, forget about work, and just have fun and enjoy the company. Good luck to all.

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