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Matrix Revolutions Eats Its Own Fans

Don't get me wrong: I really like Matrix Revolutions for its powerful scenes and its dialogue and never-seen-before battles. It's one of the finest pieces of film history.

But what's wrong with Matrix Revolutions then?

I reproach the movie for its lack of answers. Answers to questions that Matrix Reloaded raised (and seemed to promise to answer in Revolutions). Dude, where is my matrix?

Imagine you make a movie and suddenly your hero has telekinetic powers: He stops 4 incoming war machines just by thinking it. Wow, that is a twist.

Matrix fans around the globe discussed for MONTHS "how this was possible" and "what would the twists be that the Wachowski brothers had up their sleeves for Revolutions?". Fans were looking for the same kind of twists we loved in Matrix 1 and Matrix 2.

The brothers created one of the biggest cliffhangers of movie history. I think it was meant to electrify and I think the Wachowskis wanted to raise these forum discussions (they are computer fans themselves).

And how did the Wachowskis decide to resolve this riddle in Matrix Revolutions?

The fans expected something.....BIG.

But they got....Hollywood:

Neo: "Tell me how I stopped 4 sentinels by thinking it..."
Oracle: "The power of the One extends beyond this world. It reaches from here all the way back to where it came from: The Source."

Ahem, excuse me?


Even a third-rate scriptwriter could come up with something more intelligent after 5 minutes in the toilet (I am talking about the solution to the riddle here, not about the movie as a whole.)

Shall the Oracle's words really explain why Neo is blind and can see everything in gold code? His ability to feel and to burst the sentinels? How he can be in the Matrix while not jacked-in?

No, the Oracle doesn't answer ANYTHING. She merely restates the question. She gives an answer like "Why do you ask?" or "Because you are the One".

Now it seems that the Wachowskis were powerless against the united creativity of the Matrix community. This cliffhanger hanged the brothers. Victims of their own riddles. Discredited by the words of their own heroes.

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