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Official Tournament Beer Pong Tables

Every year the World Series of Beer Pong attracts the best players the world has to offer. The event is held in a different place every year and the world's best beer pong players compete for a 10,000$ first prize. Being the leading tournament on the beer pong circuit, their table specs and dimensions have become the culture's standard. They're tables are designed to test the skills of the players.

The surface of the tables are eight feet long by 2 feet wide. This is longer than the average pong table, but eight feet is the accepted standard tournament length. The two foot width allows for plenty room to place sunk cups without cluttering up the playing field. The tables stand 27.5 inches tall, this height is suitable for any players throw type, be it arched or straight down.

The surface of these regulation beer pong tables are coated with a melanine surface which protects them from scratches and more importantly...spilt beer! The frames are made of a very sturdy aluminum metal. A little known fact about these tables...they are incredibly portable. These eight foot monsters actually collapse into a two by two foot by five inch briefcase with a hand grip for easy mobility. Another little known fact, these tables come complete with a six ball holder underneath so that players don't have to waste their time searching for stray balls. What else would you expect from the biggest beer pong tournament on the planet?

Richard LoNigro is a beer pong enthusiast and table distributor. Portable Beer Pong Tables

Source: www.isnare.com