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Poker Tables

Poker tables are ideal pieces of gaming furniture designed for both domestic and casino use. A poker table is an attractive addition to a room in the house where one frequently plays poker. Folding, pedestal, and full furniture poker tables are the common types found in homes. Unlike home poker tables, casino poker tables are bigger in size and can accommodate more players. They can also have an additional security box for holding cash attached.

The most common type of poker table accommodates 8-10 players around an oval, round, or octagon shaped playing surface. Poker tables are usually made of hardwood such as red oak and cherry. A combination of wood and hard rubber can also be used for making poker tables. For a better finish, the poker tables are lacquered, hand-rubbed, and waxed. Some models have foldable or adjustable legs. Chip and cup holders and armrest are provided for convenience. In addition, there are flip-top poker tables that have a smooth solid surface on one side and a gaming surface on the other.

The poker tabletops are usually covered with soft velvet like cloth. Stylish fabric and fine vinyl that compliments the decor of the room can be used to cover these tables. Billiard felt and faux suede are also used for padding. Detachable and foldable poker tabletops, designed to fix on top of any kitchen or patio table are available in the market.

It is important to make sure that poker tables are bought from a reputable store. Many online shops have good deals on poker tables. Custom-designed poker tables can also be made-to-order, often at a minimum cost.

Kestell Furniture Company, Stine Game Tables, and Royal Gaming Products are the top manufacturers of poker tables in the US. Weber Tables supplies an impressive collection of hand-made poker tables.

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