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Pool Table Lamps

Pool table lamps are hung above pool tables. They are meant to shed just the right amount of light so that players can accurately push the numbered balls into the holes. Pool table lamps are meant to be dim, because too much brightness or glare is not helpful to the players. Along with pool equipment, these lamps are one of the most important elements in poolrooms.

Experts say that pool table lamps should be used whenever playing, even in the daytime. Their illumination casts a "consistent visibility" to the players. "Consistent visibility" means that the light should provide "full coverage" on the table, so that the players can play without getting distracted by shadows.

Height is an important issue in hanging a pool table lamp. The lamp should be placed high enough so that its light floods the whole pool table, and the glare does not bounce back into the eyes of the players. How do you know what height is optimum? Use the standard height, which is 32 inches above the pool table. Another trick is to level the lamp with the bridge of the nose of most players.

Pool table lamps come in different types. Traditional pool table lamps are typically available with 3-4 rounded lamps. Contemporary pool table lamps are perfect for those who prefer a sharp, clean design. Stained-base pool table lamps are also popular because they are reminiscent of early tavern or pub days.

Whatever type of traditional table lamp you prefer, it is available on the market. Just remember to pick one that would complement the interior design of your bar room. If you want to be more creative, you can also use pool table lamps in the kitchen or dining area of your home. Because they are designed to illuminate entire tables, they are perfect for the kitchen.

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