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Pool Table Lighting

Pool table lights are usually suspend from a ceiling above a pool table, and are used during day and night for consistent visibility. Pool table lights need to be strong and dispense enough light without hurting the eyes. There are specific companies dealing in pool table lights, which can assist a person in choosing correct type of lights. They can be purchased from an online retailer also.

Pool table lights have varying prices ranging from twenty dollars to a few thousands of dollars depending on the pool table size and requirement. Conventional models usually have lamps made from materials such as stained wood, brass, wrought iron, smoked glass and some other materials. Contemporary lights have sharp looks and artistic colors to fit an urban lifestyle.

It is advisable to hang a pool table light at a sufficient height, so that it floods the whole table with light. At the same time, it should be low enough so that players are not disturbed by its glare. Pool table lights may be ideally hung about 32 inches from the playing surface.

Certain points should be considered while buying pool table lights. Height of ceiling and room capacity are some important factors. In addition, pool table lights should never get in the way of a pool cue. Furthermore, it is recommended not to choose transparent shades for pool table lights. Instead, metal shades, opaque glass shades or Tiffany-style stained glass shades can be used. Multiple lights give dispersed, soft light to an area while a single large light is somewhat harsher but sharper. Multiple lights also eliminate shadowing problems on pool tables, making it trouble-free to see table details.

Tournament sponsors may have pool table lights featuring a slogan or brand name as hundreds of spectators can notice them. Commercial pool lobbies may select robust metal pool table lights to provide functional lighting without the possibility of damaging glass shades. Home pool players may wish to have decorative pool lights with stained glass elements.

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