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Pool Table Lights

Pool table lights are hung from the ceiling above the pool table. They should be used whether playing in the day or the night, for consistent visibility.

Pool table lights come in many forms. You can window shop for them at your favorite pool halls and bars, or you can go to a lighting outlet. There are also companies that specialize in pool table lights. They will be able to tell you what kind of light would aesthetically complement your pool table and game room décor. If you don’t live near a pool table lighting outlet, consider an online retailer such as www.ipooltablelights.com. That site boasts a wide variety of pool table lights to suit your taste and budget.

Pool table lights generally run anywhere from twenty dollars, to hundreds or even thousands. Traditional models usually have two or three rounded lamps, made of any of a variety of composite materials, such as stained wood, brass, wrought iron, smoked glass, and other materials. Modern or contemporary lights have clean lines, sharp looks, and imaginative colors to fit a more urban, artsy lifestyle. Tiffany and stained glass lights have rich, luxurious designs that evoke taverns from the 1800s saloons to today’s favorite watering holes. You can even buy themed lights such as ones with your home football team logo emblazoned on the side.

When hanging a pool table light, the trick is to get it high enough so that it floods the whole table with light, but low enough so that the glare doesn’t get into players’ eyes. Therefore, the pool table light should be hung about 32” from the playing surface, or about 62 to 70.

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