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Requirements Matrix - A Necessary Evil

A Requirements Matrix is an essential step in any proposal you write. A lot of people tend to skip it, but if you want to correctly begin the proposal writing process, you should be careful not to be one of those that do. I will explain to you what a Requirements Matrix is, what itís used for, and how to create one yourself.

1. What is a Requirements Matrix? A Requirements Matrix is a formatted list of all a proposal's requirements, their location in the guidelines (e.g., Request for Proposal (RFP), Statement of Work, etc.), the individual or team tasked to complete the requirement, and when it is due.

2. What is a Requirements Matrix used for? It is useful to

* Keep a snapshot of all the requirements.

* A good reference after writing the proposal so you can check that you have addressed all of the requirements.

3. How do I create a Requirements Matrix? It is best to separate the requirements by categories. You can add your own categories, but the usual ones are Administrative, Objective, and Technical. After separating them by categories, you should have the following headers:

o Requirement

o Section #

o Response

o Response pg #

o Assigned to

o Due Date

Here is a sample of a Requirements Matrix: Note: Scroll down if unable to view.


Section # Response Response pg # Assigned To Due Date Administrative Requirements Due Date 6 Team xx/xx/xxxx Submit By 6 Individual xx/xx/xxxx Place of Perf 7 Team xx/xx/xxxx Period of Perf 8 Individual xx/xx/xxxx Renewable 8 Team xx/xx/xxxx Packaging & Shipping Info 12

Objective Requirements Computer Support & Planning 15 Compliance with Policies 15 Training 15

Technical Requirements Provide Backup Assistance Provide Off Hours Coverage Propose Timely Solutions

A good Requirements Matrix takes practice, but when you get it right, it could save you losing a proposal. If you miss a requirements, even a miniscule ones, your proposal could be labeled "non-compliant."

Therefore, take an hour to create yourself using a spreadsheet program. One hour can save you tons.

Shevonne Polastre

Source: www.articlesbase.com