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Small Pool Tables

Small pool tables are designed to fit conveniently into the drawing room. It is economical and useful in rooms that are small. Bar and home pool tables fall in the small pool table category. The most popular size of bar table is 3.5' 7' (1.06 m 2.13 m). It is a coin operated model and found usually in bars. Home tables measure 4' 8' (1.22 m 2.44 m).

Most small pool tables are perfect rectangles. However there are tables which are hexagonal, round, and even zigzag shaped. The number of legs in a pool table depends on the thickness and size of the table and weight of the slate, there could be four, six or eight legs supporting the table. In certain designer tables, the legs are replaced with a large 'pedestal' base.

A typical small pool table has a grid of wooden support beams to hold the slate. It has a high-tech composite cabinet that provides durability and protection. Most of them have drop pockets, which is a kind of net or container to hold the balls that fall into the pocket. Most small pool tables have a warp-resistant play bed to ensure hours of smooth play.

Small pool tables are different in size, shape, design, and color. Most of them come with a full set of accessories such as balls, two cues, rail brush, and two pieces of chalk. Durable wood construction, smooth rubber rails, stylish inlays and accents make them ideal pieces for any game room.

There are a number of manufacturers providing small pool tables. They use several species of hardwoods, including red oak, cherry, maple, and walnut. They also use some exotic hardwoods such as Brazilian cherry, African rosewood, and genuine mahogany. Top-quality, warp-resistance, excellent stability and smooth-rolling play beds are the major features of good pool tables. Price range of small pool tables depends on materials used and ornamentation.

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