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Table Tennis Rules

Let's start with the rules on the Racket. As mentioned, the racket must be black on one side and red on the other side. You can have a racket that only has one rubber side. If this is the case, you can not use that side of the racket to hit the ball during game play. Still, both sides should be contrasting colors.

In addition, if you are competing through the league, you will need to show that the rubber has been ITTF approved, and therefore you should be sure to purchase a paddle that has this marking.

The edges of the rubber must be free from tears or damage. But, small tears and chips in the other parts of the rubber are okay. These rips and tears can not be so bad that they can cause any disruption of the game play. The umpire of the game will make the call as to how much is too much damage on your racket before competition begins.

At the start of the game, both players have the right to ask to look at the others bat. At that time you must show it to him. If during the game play the bat is damaged beyond repair you can request that the umpire allow you to switch to a new racket, but they do not have to do this.

In order to score a point, you must not make the wrong move. For example, you are not allowed to move the table in any way. In addition, you can not touch the net assembly. You can not put your free hand on the playing surface during any part of game play. If you do not move the table, you can jump on the table or sit on it, as long as the table remains steady. Your free hand can touch the end of the table so long as you touch only the side and not the top of the table. Good Luck!

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