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Tennis Rules

Sports today are not confined to being a source of entertainment or recreation. They have assumed a wider dimension and have certainly achieved higher stature. Today every sport has a governing body behind it, which regulates each and every aspect of the game. Tennis being a popular sport is no exception, and has its own individual set of rules governing it.

Tennis rules were first adopted on 1 January 1924. The onus for making rules and regulations for tennis lies with the International Tennis Federation. It is assisted by a Rules of Tennis Committee, which periodically monitors rules and make necessary recommendations for any change, if required. Recommended changes in rules can be on a permanent basis or for a limited trial duration. The board of directors consider recommendations and pass it on to the general meeting of the International Tennis Federation for its perusal. The rules are put into action only after the members of the general meeting arrive at a consensus.

Rules cover all aspects of tennis such as the dimension of the court, permanent fixtures, specifications of tennis balls, racquets, and the scoring system. There are rules that also govern the service methods, and the various kinds of faults.

Rules also pertain to behavior of the tennis players on and off the court. There are separate rules pertaining to a singles and doubles game. Rules may also differ slightly from one tournament to another. There are several rulebooks that provide details of the numerous technicalities of the game to the players, officials and the spectators. Apart from the game, tennis rules also include anti-doping laws to prevent players from taking banned substances.

The rules are aimed at maintaining the integrity in the game and to ensure that the game is played in a fair and judicious manner. A match referee and two linesmen are appointed to implement these rules while a game is in progress. If the rules are judiciously followed, the game can be enjoyed to the fullest.

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