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Tips and Advice for a Ping Pong Beginner

Perhaps you have just bought a ping pong table for your basement or family room, or there is table in a local rec center. You may have been playing the sport for years, but still need to improve your game. Ping pong is a lot of fun, a good family activity, and an even better exercise than you might think. Many of us think of this sport as a fun family activity, but it's a sport, with rules and challenges, as well as its own set of skills.

Being in good physical condition is one requirement for success. While ping pong is not as physically strenuous as some activities, it does require you to be quick on your feet and and with your paddle. A typical exercise program with daily activity will help you improve your speed and keep you healthier all around.

Play on the offensive, not the defensive. A successful ping pong player works hard to keep their opponent playing a defensive game. An opponent on defense can't put as much force on the ball, and it will make your return much easier. If you find yourself playing a defensive game, hit a deep slice shot onto the table. This will force your opponent onto the defensive and allow you to improve your position.

Work on both your backhand and forehand strokes, and make sure you have good form and posture. Watch your opponent's racket to predict where their shots will land. This will improve your chances of a successful shot when the ball hits on your side of the ping pong table. Practice your serve, as this is one of the most important parts of the game.

What is the most important tip for any ping pong beginner? It is really very simple. Have fun and enjoy the game. If you play for fun, you will find your game improving and your skills improving.

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