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What is the SWAT-C8 PAVA Launcher?

According to the FBI, over 875,000 people are assaulted every year. While there are many non-lethal self defense products on the market today, they are limited to a 5-15 foot distance and crazed or multiple attackers sometimes render them ineffective. A new non-lethal product called the SWAT-C8 PAVA Launcher combines the rapid fire and distance advantages of a semi-automatic hand gun, with four times the heat of pepper sprays, into a self defense product that will stop anyone, yet won't kill them.

The SWAT-C8 PAVA Launcher is the next generation, non-lethal self defense product that looks like a hand gun, yet it launches eight synthetic PAVA pepper powder projectiles at a rapid rate. We know of no other non-lethal product on the market today that packs that much punch, and can be used at such distances, without killing someone.

The C8 launcher is shaped like a large, semi-automatic pistol; however, instead of using lethal bullets, it uses a tiny CO2 cartridge to launch a synthetic PAVA pepper powder projectile that bursts on contact with an attacker. It has a removable magazine that holds eight, .68 caliber PAVA projectiles. The C8 shoots the projectiles at 400 feet per second, and is accurate up to 75 feet.

This is a major breakthrough in self defense products, because all your other choices have a much shorter effective range:

Stun Guns: 2-3 feet

Pepper Sprays: 7-15 feet

Taser: 12-15 feet

The C8 stops attackers in multiple ways; first, when you pull the trigger, a loud bang will sound as the C02 is released and the projectile is launched, confusing the attacker.

Second, the projectiles hit the attacker at 400 feet per second, and it will hit them like a regular paint ball, which will leave a welt. The third way to stop them is when the projectile bursts, and the powerful PAVA powder floats in front of their face.

Immediately, it will irritate their nose and mouth, slam their eyes shut, and their skin will burn. The punks breathing and seeing will be very difficult for the next 10-20 minutes, and the powder even sticks to their skin. One round should neutralize most threats. If not, pop off a few more rounds at the attacker.

The projectiles are made from a pepper derivative that is four times as hot as pepper sprays. The ingredients in hot peppers that are responsible for the heat are called capsaicinoids. Capsaicinoids are a family of chemicals, and they come with various heat qualities. PAVA (Capsaicin II) is the hottest of the capsaicin family. The projectiles contain a pharmaceutical grade PAVA as their main ingredient. This insures a very consistent and hot irritant which delivers extreme stopping power.

If you are confronted by multiple attackers, you can quickly squeeze off eight rounds semi-automatically, then, you can quickly change magazines and fire off another eight rounds. Firing them into the ground in front of the attacker is just as effective, as the PAVA will release in front of them, stopping them from advancing.

This is a major advantage over other the other self defense products we spoke of earlier. Pepper sprays only have 7-15 squirts before you run out, depending on the sizes. If you miss, or they are high on drugs, or there are multiple attackers, you won't get them all.

Stun guns only work when the person is right next to you; you have to touch them on the torso with the stun gun for it to work. If you dry fire it in the air, the spark might scare a human and defiantly an animal from a distance, then again it might not. You run the risk of the attacker overtaking you and taking the stun gun away.

With the Taser, you only get one shot to hit the attacker with the 2 projectiles. If one or both miss, it won't work, though you can add a speed loader to have one extra cartridge, so the max shots would be two, unless you kept a couple cartridges in a holster.

Practice rounds can be purchased for training that have an inert powder that will not hurt you. You can practice with these to get proficient, then use the PAVA rounds to protect yourself. In quantity, the practice rounds can be obtained for as little as 3.5 cents per projectile,

Is the SWAT-C8 legal? Yes, though in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, Live Rounds and Launchers must be purchased through an authorized dealer. The rest of the states allow the launchers, though the Live Rounds are prohibited in California, Delaware, Minnesota, Washington DC, and Wisconsin. They are also legal in Mexico, South Africa, and South America.

If you are looking for a self defense product that is not lethal, packs a great punch, and is safe for you, you can find out more information about the SWAT-C8 on our website.

Christopher Winkler

Source: www.articlesbase.com