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New Pool Tables

New pool tables are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors with innovative designs. The length of a tournament table is 9 feet. There are several accessories in a new pool table. They are pool table felt, covers, cues, chalk, balls, and racks. The most important features of these tables are legs, widen rails, proper cushion, and finished frame. New pool table design and collection include casual, European, classic, antique, and contemporary.

New pool tables comprise a body, a bed, side cushions, a felt-covered surface, and pockets. Better floor support of the table will improve the playability of the game. The body is made of wood, wood veneer, laminates, plastics, and sometimes metal. The primary material used for pool table bed is slate, which is a natural stone, known for its strength and stability. It is unaffected by temperature and humidity.

Most new pool tables are built with exacting standards that combine creativity, superior materials, state-of-the-art technology, and craftsmanship. Its felt-covered surface comes in a variety of colors. It is made of higher grade cloth allowing the ball to move faster providing greater durability. Pockets of the new pool table come in several varieties. They can be enclosed or exposed, plastic or leather.

Wood used in new pool tables differs in style from simple to very fancy. Some common types of wood are oak, maple, cherry, ash, poplar, and mahogany. Smoothly shaped rubber rails, durable wood construction, and stylish inlaid sights and accents are the features of these tables. New pool tables are also available as custom-made in a variety of finishes.

Buying a new pool table is similar to buying fine furniture. Room size and playing skill are the major considerations when choosing these tables. Keep your new pool table protected from dings, spills and free of dust. Price is determined by materials and ornamentation. Normally, expensive pool tables have more carving or intricate details. Other factors that influence the price are construction quality, wood species used, finish, pockets, and other options.

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