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Cabbage Patch Kids Fun Party Games

The Cabbage Patch Kids Party should be a great way for little fans of the cabbage patch dolls to get together and bring their dolls together.

The first game we suggest for this game is a nice way to break the ice amongst kids who may not know each other very well at your Cabbage Patch party. It’s called ‘First Impression’. As the kids and adults arrive at the party stick an index card on their back and give them a pencil or pen for writing. Then through out the party are just for the first half hour or so tell the kids to go around writing their first impressions of the each other on the cards on each person’s back. They can use words like, happy, funny, nice, helpful, good, small, short, tall, and silly. To ensure that the first impressions remain positive be sure to tell the kids to say something positive about each other on their cards. Then at the end of the time each gets to read what others wrote about them on their card. This makes a great start for your great Cabbage Patch party.

The second game is just a simple game of skill and something of a race called, ‘Cabbage Patch Party Roll Along’. Have the kids pair up into teams and give each team two long strings and be sure to have plenty of numbered ping pong balls on hand. Tell the kids to hold each end of their strings in each hand and to hold them parallel and taut. Then when everyone has their strings ready place one ping pong ball on each groups strings. The strings should be close enough that they serve to hold the ping pong ball up.

Then when you say ‘go’ the kids have to lift up the strings on one end so the ping pong ball rolls along it to the other end. They must roll the ping pong ball back and forth three times without dropping the ball or having it roll off the end of the string. This is harder than it looks! The first group to complete the task wins and gets a prize. Try and give them a prize that fits the Cabbage Patch Party theme.

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