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Nascar Racing Party Games

Not all NASCAR Racing party games are the same. Some can be great for adults to play before the big race and some are just for keeping the kids entertained at a birthday party. Here are a couple of NASCAR racing games that hopefully fit both needs.

The first game is a race game simply called ‘Ankle Racing’. It’s just like a regular outside race with a simple change in racing position. Make sure you have the players stand one and a half arms lengths apart from each other and be sure you have the race outside at your NASCAR racing party so no one accidentally races into the floor lamp.

On your go each of the racers will reach down, grab their ankles and race walk as fast as they can to the finish line. This tends to be harder to do than in looks so you may want to limit the race to younger folks who are more limber as your NASCAR party.

The next for the game NASCAR Racing party is called ‘Roll Along’. For it you’ll need one chair for each team of two players, two long pieces of string and one ping pong ball for each group.

Have the players divide themselves into groups of two and play each player a distance apart. Then have each player hold one end of each of the two pieces of string very tightly. One player is to sit in the chair you provide. Then once everyone is set up you’ll go along and place one ping pong ball to balance on the taut strings of each group. Preferably place the ball on at the end where the player is sitting in a chair.

At your go the NASCAR racing party players are to try and send their ping pong balls from one player to the other by holding their strings up and down on each end. The first group to complete the circuit three times are the winners.

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