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Learn Juggling 4 Balls

Juggling 4 balls has always been a bit mysterious, especially because people are used on juggling odd number of balls. Before you start with four balls it is recommended that you learn juggling three balls. Juggling 4 balls might seem similar to juggling with 3 balls but there is a big difference in the technique!

So how to learn juggling 4 balls? The easiest way to start juggling 4 balls is by learning to juggle 2 balls in one hand. A lot of people think that they know how to juggle 2 balls in one ball but they are usually wrong! It is important that you are equally good with both left and right hand. If you are a master of juggling 2 balls with right hand, it won't help you if you do not have the filling in the left hand. To learn juggling with one hand, simply pick to balls and start throwing them, when the first point is at the peak throw the second one, and when the second ball is at the peak, catch the first ball and throw it again.

Now after at least an hour of training with each hand, you should try throwing balls with both hands at the same time. The easiest way to juggle 4 balls is throwing them in the shape of a fountain, but if you master half shower with 3 balls, it should not be that much of a problem to learn half shower with 4 balls, well you might have the some problems at first because you have to catch and throw each ball much faster but once you know it how it is great.

Luka owner of Juggling Lessons, Zlitt and Simpcms.

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