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Larger Conference Tables

Larger conference tables are meant to occupy spacious conference rooms in big offices that conduct conferences quite often for their employees and clients. These conference tables are not only spacious but accommodate other accessories as well. Large conference tables have dimensions in the range of 24-30 feet.

Some tables are wider at the center, and they have tapered ends with less width at the ends. They are constructed in maple, cherry, ebony or stainless steel. Handcrafted and design inlays design on the top type of larger conference tables are more expensive. Most of the larger conference tables are offered as designer products and customers can give their order to suit the individual needs.

The finishing on a large conference table can be customized to match with walls of the conference room. In most large conference tables, the top portion can be removed without tools. There are large conference tables that serve as computer tables as well and are available in U shape, open ended or face-to-face styles. Side panels are also easily removable and assembly of any accessories can be done easily. They are manufactured in maple, cherry, ebony, walnut and rosewood.

Videoconference tables usually have a tapered end that is broader than the rest of the table to hold video and camera equipment. These tables are available on a rental basis also.

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