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A Description of Boulder Colorado Real Estate and the Surrounding Cities

The city of Boulder Colorado, located around a half an hour Northwest of Denver, and 45 minutes Southwest of Fort Collins, is a great place to make a home. Snuggled against the Rockies, Boulder has a good deal to offer residents. A Boulder house for sale frequently is the most costly in the region, but for good reason. For one; it is just about impossible to build new housing in the city of Boulder due to a moratorium on new home development. The supply restriction has simply driven demand up (and in turn, has caused prices to go up along with that high demand.) Unlike surrounding areas (which we'll describe below), the city of Boulder has the most recreation facilities (4 city owned, and dozens of privately owned facilities), the largest trail system and open space, wonderful schools, the highest employment rates, and of course -- "The Flatirons" that are located in Chataqua Park. The Flatirons are seen for miles, are utilized by thousands and thousands of visitors and residents a year, and are recognized all over the world as a Boulder landmark.

The population on Boulder Colorado is just more than 100,000, and home prices in Boulder start at approximately $125,000 for a starter 1-bedroom condominium. Prices for single family houses start at about $250,000, and that likely will get you a 900 square foot, 3 bedroom home. The closer to downtown Boulder you get, the higher prices tend to be.

About 15 or 20 minutes away from Boulder via Arapahoe Road, Baseline Road, or South Boulder Road -- is Lafayette, CO. The city of Lafayette is one of the fastest growing areas in Boulder County, with the Indian Peaks Neighborhood as greatest part of that development. Lafayette homes frequently are twenty to thirty five percent lower than prices in Boulder. Along with getting more house for the money in Lafayette, people in Lafayette CO welcome a smaller town quality with advantages including fascinating antique shops, easy access to I-family owned businesses5, family owned businesses, and of course, the Indian Peaks Golf Course - one of the most beautiful public courses in the surrounding area.

If you love the idea of making a home in Boulder Colorado, but aren't thrilled with Boulder home prices, Louisville Colorado is just about 10 to 15 minutes East of Boulder. There's 4 very easy routes that allow access to Boulder from Louisville; Baseline Road, Arapahoe Road, South Boulder Road, and Highway 36. Along with fast access via automobile, Boulder County has a wonderful system of transportation, and there are bus routes that go downtown if you are not interested in driving from Louisville. A Louisville Colorado home for sale is on average fifteen to thirty percent lower than in Boulder. Though the starting price for a town home or condo in Louisville is about the same as in Boulder, homeowners get more for their money. It's much the same with single family houses. A starter home in Louisville often goes for about $250,000, but rather than a 900 square foot house without a garage, you'd probably get a home with 1000 to 1200 square feet and a one or even two car garage. Louisville is not simply a bedroom community to Boulder either. Really, many residents of Boulder make the trip to Louisville for the many amenities that the city offers, like a movie theater, shopping at Costco or Target, or one of the many attractive small town diners.

With a population of about 70,000, Longmont is the second largest city in Boulder County. Longmont is located about fifteen to twenty five minutes Northwest of Boulder via highway 119 (sometimes called The Diagonal). Different from other Boulder County cities that are fairly intertwined with the city of Boulder, most people in Longmont like to consider themselves as a great deal more independent from Boulder. Longmont has major employers, shopping centers, a transportation system, and has both an old town and a new part of town. Longmont has dozens of modern home communities with a wide variety of building styles, as well as Victorian charmers. For the most part, Longmont CO home prices tend to be up to 35% lower than prices in Boulder. Prices will depend largely on which section of town that homes are in.

Niwot Colorado is another city located close to Boulder. Though Niwot is beginning to expand and seeing more custom, and semi-custom home developments, it is basically considered a bedroom community of Boulder. Real estate in Niwot is fairly limited, and average home prices fluctuates a great deal. Average house prices are so fluctuant essentially due to the fact that at any given time, there are probably just 50 to 70 houses available for sale. With so few homes out there, 2 or 3 sales on either side of the price scale can radically modify average home prices that particular month. (A lot of cities have hundreds, if not several thousand homes on the market, and average prices are much more steady than when there's only a few dozen houses that are on the market - such as with Niwot Colorado.) Overall, Niwot is a rather beautiful smaller town that is just about as close to Boulder as you can be without actually being in a Boulder zip code.

J Mcdonald is a content writer for http://www.benchmarkrealtyllc.com that writes and discusses about where to get the very best in Colorado real estate. Find information on real estate in Niwot along with information on the community and surrounding area in Boulder County.

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