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Pool Table Etiquette

Playing pool in a public pool hall is different from playing pool in the privacy of your home billiard room or playing online pool in front of your PC. When you are playing online pool, for example, you don't have to worry about any house rules or pool table etiquette. You can wear whatever you want, smoke whenever you feel like and put your drinks everywhere. However, when you are playing pool in a public, you must follow basic pool table etiquette.

The abstract behind pool table etiquette is very simple. Basically, all you have to do is use your common sense and some basic courtesy. Nevertheless, here are some do's and dont's to get you through a smooth and sportive pool playing experience.

1. Before you approach that desired pool halls door, there are some details you should verify. For example, is there any dress code? age limit? is smoking allowed? Maybe itís a members club? And so on.

2. In addition, make sure that you are familiar with the game rules. Whether the pool game you are about to play is 8-ball, 9-ball or one pocket, before the game begins is the best time to refresh your acquaintance with the rules, especially if you intend to play for money.

3. Never, not any other circumstances put your drink on the pool table. It is even advisable to avoid placing your drink on the edge of the table. The drink is most likely to be spilled on the table and ruin the expensive felt as well as the game.

4. Don't do anything that can break the concentration of the other players as they attend to shoot. And anything includes talking to them, shouting, touching them or standing in their line of sight.

5. Screaming, yelling or other exaggerated expressions of happiness are not welcomed around the pool table either. Even if pocketing the 8-ball makes you very happy, the players in the table that surrounds you may find it unhelpful and disturbing.

6. In general, pay attention to the pool tables around you, especially if you are playing in a crowded pool hall with only small space between the tables. It means, quieting down your voice when you are around active tables and avoiding hasty moves when the neighbors table are too near.

Josephine Thunder is a professional writer who focuses on the online gaming industry including online billiards, online backgammon, chess and other games. Josephine commonly writes reviews of online gaming sites (including pool sites such as play89.com for example), articles on history of games and more.

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