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Billiard Tables - New and Used - Which Is the Best Pool Table?

Billiard tables are a pretty important subject when it comes to the game of pool. I have played on too many pool tables to count. I have played on brand new tables as well as used ones.

New or used tables play pretty much the same. It is the felt that makes the difference. I love playing on a table with a brand new cloth. (preferably Simonis 860)

A nice level table with Simonis 860 cloth will play pretty fast. You don't have to hit the ball very hard to send it around four rails. Most major tournaments use this cloth and it is good to be used to it.

As for the best brands of tables, I would have to say that Brunswick is pretty high up on the list. I love playing on a 9 foot Brunswick Gold Crown with some nice new felt on it.

My next pick and it is really a toss up with the Brunswick is a Diamond table. We have Diamond bar tables in the tavern where I play league. These tables play great.

I personally own a Valley seven foot bar table. This is also a very nice table with some fast cloth, good rails and a level playing surface.

The other thing to watch for is the condition of the rails. If a ball hits the rail and you hear thud it is not good. Sometimes a bad rail will totally kill any spin on a ball and or squirt it off the rail on a funny angle.

I have seen tables where balls fly in the air when striking the rail even on soft shots. I guess the rubber gets super hard and doesn't give at all when this happens.

To summarize, new or used tables don't make much difference if you have good rails, a level bed and quality cloth.

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Source: www.isnare.com