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Snooker Tables And Pool Tables Which One Should You Get

So you fancy yourself as a Ronnie O'Sullivan. You have room for a snooker or pool table. Which one do you choose?

Remember a billiard, pool or snooker table is a piece of furniture. If you opt for a fold away table it doesn't much matter, which you choose, as it folds away after use. In that case go for a functional table with as many features as you can afford, such as ball return etc. For a permanent table look for the same things you would look for in any piece of furniture as you are going to have to look at it all the time. Then consider the quality of playing the game on the table. Make sure it fits your idea of fine decor, as a good table will last for many years. Generally speaking for a good permanent table look for quality construction viz: a slate bed and responsive cushions. As usual you get what you pay for, so get the best you can afford.

The colour of the cloth, which is made of wool, is up to you, generally the cloth comes in red, green and blue. The only thing to worry about here is whether the balls show up against the colour. Green is the traditional and safest colour to choose. The cloth should be kept clean and you can get treatments to extend its life.

UK Pool tables come in various sizes; a full size English pool table is generally thought of as a 7 ft table, whereas a full size snooker table is a 12 ft beast for which you need a considerable amount of room. We have a room size guide on the site to enable you to gauge which size of table you can fit into your games room.

American pool tables are generally larger at 9 foot, also they have larger balls than snooker as well as larger pockets and require the larger tipped cues to play the game with. The American game is getting more popular in the UK.

How about an outdoor pool table or snooker table? These tables are pressure treated wood for weatherproofing, or fibre glass frames with specially treated waterproof cloth. The wooden tables are coloured to match your decking, either green or brown, and all outdoor pool tables come with a cover for the winter, so you could leave it outdoors in the winter. The wooden outdoor tables can be marked out for Snooker or Pool, and we have tables in various sizes from 6 foot to 8 ft. Just imagine, having a barbecue and pool tournament outside on your decking in the summer, sounds great to me Did you know we supplied the pool table for Russell on Big Brothers Little Brother?

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