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Tennis Shoes

Shoes are one of the most important tennis accessories. This is because the performance of the players is greatly affected by the footwear worn by them. Keeping this fact in mind, companies that manufacture tennis shoes, use the latest techniques and materials to make the footwear most effective.

The objective of tennis shoes is not just to provide protection to the feet of the players. They also provide necessary support, thrust and comfort that is vital for a player's easy movement around the court. Since tennis is played on different kind of surfaces, shoes have to be in tandem with the surface requirements. Moreover, the companies have to be particular about the size and shape of a player's feet while designing tennis shoes. Some of the companies, which sponsor top players, make exclusive shoes keeping in mind factors that can better the reflexes and responses of the player.

Among important factors to be considered in making shoes, is the fitting of a shoe. The shoe has to be such that it guarantees a gap of about half an inch between the longest toe of the wearer and the end of the shoe. Since comfort is a vital factor, the heel of the shoe has to make movement easier.

Companies that specialize in making tennis shoes are particular about giving lateral support to the shoes. Lateral support makes running on court and between sides of baseline easier and also prevents ankle injuries. The support is especially important incase of players who have a heavy built.

Cushioning in tennis shoes can be of two types, namely EVA and PU (polyurethane). The former is marked by less weight and suffers from lack of durability and stability. The latter is dense, with more stability, but is heavier in weight. Tennis shoes have to be flexible to the extent that they can bend easily at the ball of the foot.

The player should choose the right type of tennis shoes in order to experience maximum comfort while playing. There are several famous brands manufacturing tennis shoes. The prices may vary depending on the brand name and the quality of the shoes.

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