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How to Blog and Ping

Blog and Ping is STILL a great method to still get your website indexed.

1. First, create a blog, you can use either WordPress on your own servers, or get one on a blog site such as Blogger.com.

2. Second create a list of links to your website and post them to your blog every 3-24 hours.

3. After you post new content to your blog, you ping a list of ping services such as Pingomatic.com. This brings search engine spiders to your blogs a LOT faster than they would normally come.

A lot of the "gurus" out there have been telling people that blog and ping has been dead since August 05. Well, I JUST STARTED in August 05 using Blog and Ping and it worked great then and it still does today, just a little bit slower.

I can get 20 pages indexed in Yahoo in 1-2 days and then Yahoo! Slurp just indexes the whole site within about a month. Google is very random with blog and ping, but when they do come around it is really great - I am talking about 40k pages indexed in 3 days. Pages get into MSN really quick as well, not as many as Yahoo and Google but it's not a big deal because MSN doesn't send nearly as much traffic anyway.

One reason a lot of people don't start to blog and ping is because of the cost of software, well here is a free set of blog and ping programs for you:

Free Blog and Ping

This article was written by Joseph Tierney. For FREE Blog and Ping software, visit Free Blog and Ping - http://www.cflwaves.com/projects

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