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DOUGIE RANTS!!! Til They Cry Jimmy Carter!

Squeeze 'em with sanctions until they cry "Jimmy Carter"! That's right, the only way to deal with ol' Ping Pong (or whatever his name is) and the North Korea mess is to hit them where it hurts. In the proverbial pocket book. Sadly, he is already starving his people, so economic sanctions will have little or no effect on the population.

We can't do anything militarily at this point in time or South Korea will bear the real brunt of retaliation. Even if we squashed North Korea like a bug, the immediate impact on South Korea would be devastating. And, don't think for a minute the Ping Pong bunch aren't aware of that fact. Seoul is, I think, just thirty five to forty miles south of the DMZ.

So, once again, money talks. I have felt all along that this is really what the North Koreans want. More money. They just have such a strange way of asking. I'm sure they have already squandered the windfall Jimmy Carter laid in their laps during those wonderful Clinton years. They probably spent millions trying to surgically wipe the smiles off their collective faces!

Thankfully, or hopefully, or both, Carter doesn't have a trip planned again. We can't afford it, although we could send Jesse Jackson or Ted Kennedy this time. Think about it! Jesse Jackson and/or Ted Kennedy in exchange for North Korea's nuclear program. What a deal! I don't think they're that dumb (the North Koreans)!

Source: www.articlesbase.com