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Tinkerbell Party Games for the Kids

The Tinkerbell Party will be a delight for the kids but make sure you have a couple of games waiting in the wings so to speak to help keep the kids interested in the party and hopefully use up any excess energy from the excitement of party atmosphere.

The first tinkerbell party game we suggest is called, ‘Cats and Fairies.’ You’ll need at least five players for the game, but can have as many as fifty or more. Choose one person to be the Cat and everyone else will be fairies. This is a tag game so you’ll need lots of room to run-say outside? Have the fairies stand on one side of the party area and the cat on the other side. You should put down a chalk line or some tape on opposite sides of the area so the fairies will be able to tell when they’ve reached safety.

When you yell, ‘run’ all the fairies have to try and run to safety on the opposite side of the area. The cat will run from this safe area towards the tinkerbell fairies and try to grab one. Then after a moment you’ll yell ‘run’ again and the fairies will try and make it back to safety on the other side of the area.

By the way this is a magic cat and any fairies he/she catches is turned into a fairy trap. So caught fairies get to stay in the game as traps and must try to grab passing fairies and hold them so the cat can come catch them. If a tinkerbell fairy is able to get out of the trap before the cat comes he/she can continue to run for safety.

The second game is called ‘Fairy Harvest’. The tinkerbell party fairies are harvesting fruits in the form of ping pong balls, but they are too small to carry the fruits so they need the wind to help blow their harvest into collection baskets. You’ll need ping pong balls, a long table and a couple of baskets. The point of the game is to blow the ping pong balls from one side of the table to the other with your breathe and into the waiting baskets on the ground or attached to the underside of the opposite end of the table.

Those who get the most ping pong balls into their baskets in a certain amount of time win. Give the winners a prize that fits with the Tinkerbell party theme.

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